Visit Quebec

Quebec ("La belle province") offers visitors a variety of exciting things not found elsewhere in North America, including a decidedly French flair and old world European charm. There are all kinds of things to discover while visiting Quebec and we hope this guide will give you a good overview.


The largest primarily French-speaking city outside of Paris, Montreal offers something for everyone. Old Montreal, a section of the city situated along the waterfront, offers visitors a taste of European charm right here in the Americas.

See our list of Things to Do in Montreal for all of the top attractions, or if you're interested in studying French, visit our Learn French in Montreal guide.

Quebec City

The capital of the province of Quebec, Quebec City (population: 516,000) and its surrounding area have a variety of attractions that await tourists. If you are a fan of historic architecture, then Quebec City should be at the top of your list of North American destinations. The first place you will want to visit is Old Quebec, where many of the buildings date back to the mid-18th century, and a few to the 17th century. The Upper Town (Haute-ville) has its city walls intact, making it the only city in the USA or Canada who can make that claim. Note that it can be difficult to get a complete grasp of the scale of the city walls while actually in the city, so perhaps a visit just across the river to Levis to get a full panoramic view of Old Quebec is in order. You will also want to visit the historic Quartier du Petit Chamberlain, which dates back to the mid-17th century, making it the oldest commercial district in North America. If you have any interest in military history, then visit the Plains of Abraham, which played host to a crucial battle in the French-English conflict in North America. The Quebec Parliament Building, completed in 1886, is also a must see. For a nightcap you will want to head to Rue Grande Allee Est, the nightlife center for Quebec City which plays host to several establishments and provides a feast for the eyes with coloured lights lighting up buildings on both sides of the road.

Mont Tremblant

If you've got skiing and other outdoor activities on your mind, Mont Tremblant and its various resorts are for you. Mont Tremblant is located 130 km (about 80 miles) northwest of Montreal.

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