Regular "-RE" Verbs in the Present


This third and final grouping of regular present tense verb conjugations is formed by dropping the "-re" ending from the verb and adding the appropriate ending. Notice that for the 3rd-person singular ("il, elle, on" form), no ending is added to the stem.

singular plural
1st-person -s -ons
2nd-person  -s -ez
3rd-person - -ent

Example Conjugations

attendre vendre
tu attends
il attend
nous attendons
vous attendez
ils attendent
je vends
tu vends
il vend
nous vendons
vous vendez
ils vendent

Example Sentences

Tu attends tes amis.     You wait for your friends.
Ils vendent leur voiture.    They are selling their car.

Commonly Used Regular "-RE" Verbs

The following are commonly used regular "-RE" verbs. This list is by no means exhaustive.

attendre (to wait for)
défendre (to defend)
descendre (to go down)
entendre (to hear)
perdre (to lose)
rendre (to give back)
répondre (to answer)
tendre (to hang)
vendre (to sell)

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