Regular "-IR" Verbs in the Present Tense


For regular "-ir" verbs, remove the "-ir" ending from the verb and add the appropriate ending. There are certain verbs that end in "-ir" that use different endings. These are covered in the irregular verbs section.

singular plural
1st-person -is -issons
2nd-person  -is -issez
3rd-person -it -issent

Example Conjugations

finir remplir
je finis
tu finis
il finit
nous finissons
vous finissez
ils finissent
je remplis
tu remplis
il remplit
nous remplissons
vous remplissez
ils remplissent

Example Sentences

Pierre obéit à ses parents.    Pierre obeys his parents.
Camille et Véronique finissent ses études.     Camille and Veronique finish their studies.

Commonly Used Regular "-IR" Verbs

The following are commonly used regular "-IR" verbs. This list is by no means exhaustive.

applaudir (to applaud)
bâtir (to build)
choisir (to choose)
désobéir (to disobey)
finir (to finish)
grandir (to grow up)
grossir (to gain weight)
guérir (to heal, to get well)
maigrir (to lose weight)
obéir (to obey)
punir (to punish)
réfléchir (to think, to reflect)
remplir (to fill)
réussir (to succeed)
vieillir (to grow old)

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