Indefinite Adjectives

Indefinite adjectives are used to modify nouns in an unspecific sense. We will discuss some of the more common indefinite adjectives.

chaque ("each")

chaque is always singular.

chaque auto
chaque manteau
each car
each coat

plusieurs ("several")

plusieurs is always and only plural.

plusieurs hôtels
plusieurs cafés
several hotels
several cafés

quelques ("a few")

quelques also occurs before plural nouns.

quelques amis
quelques minutes
a few friends
a few minutes

certain ("certain")

certain shows gender and number.

singular plural
masculine certain certains
feminine certaine certaines

un certain jour
une certaine fiche
certains billets
certaines places
a certain day
a certain form
certain tickets
certain seats

quel ("which, what")

quel also shows gender and number.

singular plural
masculine quel quelle
feminine quelle quelles

Par quel train arrive-t-il ?
Quelle heure est-il?
On which train is he arriving?
What time is it?

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