Demonstrative Adjectives

The demonstrative adjectives are used to point out specific people or things. In French they agree in gender and number with the noun they modify. The French demonstrative adjectives correspond to "this, that, these, those" in English.

Masculine Singular
Before a Consonant
Masculine Singular
Before a Vowel/Mute H
Feminine Singular Plural
ce cet cette ces

Special Notes

1. If you would like to add even more emphasis or want to make a clear distinction between "this" and "that", you can add "-ci" for this, or "-là" for that.


Ce livre     This book
Cet artiste     This artist
Cet homme     This man
Cette femme     This woman
Ces maisons     These houses

Je veux ce stylo-ci.     I want this pen.
Je ne veux pas ce stylo-là.     I don't want that pen.

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