Free French Lessons

Our French lessons are divided into several different categories. Lessons that include an audio component are marked. If you would like printable materials that teach grammar and vocabulary, you can also check out our "Free Worksheets" section.

The vocabulary lists will open up as a PDF file in your browser. You can download them to your computer by right clicking on the link and choosing "Save Link As..."

Table of Contents


Adjectives - gender of adjectives, plurals, and placement of adjectives
Demonstrative Adjectives - "this, that, these, those"
Possessive Adjectives
Indefinite Adjectives - chaque, plusieurs, quelques, certain, quel

Definite & Indefinite Articles - the, a, some

Subject Pronouns - I, you, he, she, we, they

Present Tense: Regular "-ER" Verbs - also covers the different uses of the present tense
Present Tense: Regular "-IR" Verbs
Present Tense: Regular "-RE" Verbs
Être (to be) & Avoir (to have) - includes a long list of common avoir expressions
The Imperfect Tense - usage, formation, irregulars
The Conditional Tense


How to Form a Question in French
How to Tell Time in French - includes audio

Audio Practice

Each audio lesson begins with a short dialogue, followed by pronunciation practice for key words and phrases.

Dialogue 1 (Finding a taxi)
Dialogue 2 (Checking in at the hotel)
Dialogue 3 (Ordering at a café)
Dialogue 4 (Shopping at a store)
Dialogue 5 (At the train station)

For free audio practice mp3s in the Québécois accent, go to our "Québec French" section.

Vocabulary Lists

The vocabulary lists will open in your browser as printable PDF files. Quizzes that correspond with these lists can be found in the "Free French Worksheets" section.

Body Parts | Clothing | Describing People & Objects | Family & Human Relationships

Parts of the House | Bedroom | Living & Dining Rooms | Kitchen

Stores & Places | Going Shopping

General Food Terms | Fruits/Vegetables | Meat, Dairy, & Seafood